Friday, April 6, 2012

Internship news... And a favorite song!

My favorite band at the moment is Tennis, and Origins is my jam!

Yesterday I gave my notice at the Bux, because I have secured two awesome library internships. One is just for the summer, working for the state library on some pretty awesome projects. The other is in a public library, for the rest of my time in grad school, and I'll be working with kids & teens. I am super excited because I will be able to explore to areas of librarianship that I'm really interested in: services to youth and technology. The summer internship is unpaid, but it seemed like an opportunity that was too interesting to pass up. The funny thing is that I have stayed away from applying for internships and library jobs in the past, because I had convinced myself that I wouldn't even get an interview, let alone a job offer... But I ended up getting interviewed for everything I applied for. The interviews all went really well, even! It was a nice confidence boost, and I'm trying to keep it going!

There are a few downsides to leaving my coffee job (like losing awesome health insurance, my stock options, and the major pay-cut I'm taking), but the one that makes me the saddest is leaving behind my little group of bros on the night crew. For a long time, we all worked together just about every night, and I feel really close to those kids! So close, in fact, that I call them my kids, but, y'know, I'm not crazy. I am going to miss working with them, talking in a British accent for hours on end for no good reason.

I'm going to have to cut down on my spending this summer, because my income is going to be cut in half... I'm trying to come up with creative ways to make it fun, but I'm coming up short. Luckily, working in a library, I'll have access to lots of books! I'm taking the summer semester off, so I hope to read a million books, catch up on all the craft projects I haven't been able to complete, and work on my web design and coding skills.

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