Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So, I went to Portland...

And I did some stuff, and I took some pictures.

I used Wi-Fi on a plane n' drank orange juice n' took webcam pics like a teenage girl.
(And then I watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, because you can do that on planes now)
I took some blurry pics.
Quite a few blurry pics, really.
I saw a real, live payphone!
I also saw a majestic waterfall.
Ate some foods.
Bought some things.
Then I flew home.
I also spent tons and tons of time with my homie, went to a comic con, and heard the same four Sailor Moon episodes playing on a constant loop. I had a great time and wish I could have stayed there for a million more days.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Dream of the 90's...

Tomorrow at this time I'll be in an airplane flying across the country. I am going out to Portland, OR to visit my BFF from high school and I am so super excited. Portland has always been a city I wanted to visit, and now I finally can. Plus, right around my 31st birthday a month ago, I started to get ridiculously nostalgic for my teen years. That's when I booked my ticket. I miss the 90's. I miss my crew of best friends, and always having somewhere to go or something to do. I miss watching TRL, eating 3D Doritos and Hot Pockets, having really stupid adventures that seemed way more awesome. I miss the music, and the movies that all starred Jennifer Love Hewitt or Freddie Prinze, Jr. or Julia Stiles. I know that I won't truly get to relive the 90's, but it'll be awesome to spend time with my friend and buy cute things and see mountains and nature again. And she has adorable kids!

Plus I think I'm going to get a tattoo while I'm there... EEEEEP!