Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seriously. One of those days.

You know those days where EVERYTHING goes wrong? Welcome to my Wednesday. I won't bore you with all the little details, but just know that my day at work was totally ridiculous (broken safe, no change to give customers, super busy, I spilled a million Frappuccinos and mixed up a hundred drinks, and one of my co-workers was pretty mean to me ALL DAY for no good reason), and I am so so so super glad to be home. And to have the next two days off.

What will I do on my days off?

(1) Read! I have been on a major reading kick lately. I've been tracking it all on my Goodreads page... Let's be friends!

(2) Homework. I have a few projects that I need to attack. Plus, my laptop died over the weekend, so I lost a lot of the work that I'd already completed. Which means that I've really got some catching up to do.
(3) Sleep.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Only 29 days left...

It's July 1st, which means that my 30th birthday is only 29 days away. I guess it's time for me to update my list of things to do before I turn 30!

Here's the list again, as it was when I posted it in my very first blog entry:

Things To Do Before 30
1. Lose weight
2. Start a blog
3. Post something every single day 
4. Get accepted into Library School
5. Start a new Etsy shop to sell vintage stuff
6. Learn to knit on circular needles
7. Learn some basic CSS
8. Get some basic Photoshop skills
9. Go on a fun weekend trip

So, let's see where we are today...

1. Lose weight: This one is still in progress. Since May 2010, I have lost 52 pounds. I could honestly stay where I am now and feel fine, but I would really love to lose at least another 40 pounds. 

2. Start a blog. Done!

3. Post something every single day: Failure on this one! Oh well.

4. Get accepted into Library School: Done! I'm actually almost done with my first semester!

5. Start a new Etsy shop to sell vintage stuff: Haven't done this yet. Due to my workload & library school, I've actually had to put my regular Etsy shop on vacation. 

6. Learn to knit on circular needles: I'm going to do this!

7. Learn some basic CSS: I have been working on this one. I will definitely be able to cross it off once my birthday comes around.

8. Get some basic Photoshop skills: I've been using GIMP, because I'm cheap... But I've picked up some minor skillz, I think!

9. Go on a fun weekend trip: This one will be done once my birthday rolls around. I've planned a five day birthday party for myself in Chicago with my mom, sister, aunts, and nieces. I'm SO EXCITED for it!

Even though I haven't gotten super far on my list, and there's only 29 days left, I still feel pretty good about all the things I have accomplished this year. I graduated college, started grad school, lost a bunch of weight, started getting healthy, and have really pushed hard to live more of the life I'd like to live. I'm going to come up with 31 things to do before I turn 31, too!